The possible spin outcomes will show up according to these probabilities.

Spin outcomes Probability
× 10 500 on 1 million
× 5 2,000 on 1 million
× 2 37,500 on 1 million
× 1.5 70,000 on 1 million
× 1.25 220,000 on 1 million
× 1 670,000 on 1 million

i.e. If you spin £15 and get x1 outcome, you will get back £15 as credit to “Spend”. If you get a x2 spin outcome, you will get a total of £30 credit to “spend”.

You win credit which can be used to pay restaurant bills in many restaurants in London. Want to know which restaurants? Check out our restaurant map!
Your "to spin" credit, is the credit you have deposited and you can use to spin the wheel. The "to spend" credit instead, is the result of the spin you have done and it is the credit you have available to pay bills in all our affiliated restaurants.
You read it right! With Spinhood you can't lose! When the spin outcome is x1, you get back the money you spin as "to spend" credit. This means you haven't increased your initial credit, but you get it back as money you can still use to pay your restaurant bills!
Unfortunately, it is not possible to have your credit back in cash. The credit obtained by the spin must be spent among our restaurants. The good news is that this credit will never expire, so no problem if you want to take your time to spend it.
Absolutely not! Your "to spend" credit stays there, and will keep adding up for each spin you make, until you decide to spend it! This means you have complete flexibility on when you want to spend it.
It's easy! Once logged in, click on pay the bill, then insert the amount of your bills and select the restaurant from the list. Ask a waiter for the restaurant code. Once you've clicked on pay, a waiter will confirm your payment through a tablet.